8 Week Total Body Reset Program

Starting January 12th, 2022

The 8-week Program is SOLD OUT!

There are a few Wednesday drop-in classes spots left. Sign up here>>

This 8-week program consists of Restorative Style group classes which blend deep stretch flows, mobility, breathwork, and mindfulness-based relaxation together to align and recover the whole body and mind.


This program is designed from an evidence-based approach to improve flexibility, mobility, and movement while decreasing stress and improving sleep quality.


Each week builds on the previous foundations of deep hip, back, and shoulder attention while adding new areas of focus to the class to truly take care of the entire body.


Classes are offered twice a week at 6AM every Wednesday and 4PM Sundays for a total of 16 sessions. When purchasing this package, you are purchasing 8 Total Classes and may attend any 8 that work best for your schedule. Please reserve your spot for each class online in my Service section or click here for Wednesday classes and here for Sunday classes.

Classes start Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 and will be held at

PRISMA Apex Athletic Performance.

903 Huger Street, Columbia, SC. 

Before almost all of the Sunday afternoon classes, we will have a free 30-minute class offering from a Fitness/Wellness professional only open to participants of the program beginning at 3:15 PM.

These are ALL LEVELS appropriate. No advanced postures will be practiced. Please bring a mat if you have one. All props such as straps, release balls and blocks will be provided.

  • 414.99$
    Every year
  • 49.99$
    Every month
Free Bonus Sessions

Every Sunday before our scheduled class we will have a different FREE 30-minute workout or nutritional talk from some of Columbia's finest fitness professionals.  

Free 30-minute bonus sessions include:


  • HITT style corrective exercise workout with Coach Venugopal 

  • "Reset your eating habits Intuitively" talk with Registered Sports Dietician Lisa Money 

  • Mat Pilates class with Certified Peak Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Heather Slife

  • "Body heal Thyself - Hydration & Recovery Nutrition" talk with Registered Sports Dietician Lisa Money

  • Final Class Celebration. Food & Drinks from 5-6:30 PM 

Yoga Mat and Straps

Mat Pilates


This Mat Pilates class is focused on strengthening and lengthening your muscles, with a focus on core and balance. Mat work is a great choice for a class with individuals of varying fitness levels because every exercise can be modified to decrease or increase difficulty. Practicing the Mat discipline of Pilates helps build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility.


Re-set your eating patterns intuitively

This class reviews popular eating patterns in America and introduces clients to the Intuitive Eating approach, which centers on reading the body’s signals of hunger, fullness, and external cues that trigger emotional eating. Research shows that intuitive eaters have less food preoccupation, lower rates of disordered and emotional eating, reduced stress, higher levels of self-esteem and contentment, and better body image. Studies have also shown intuitive eaters have improved cholesterol levels and improved metabolism.

Drinking Water at Gym

Body heal thyself - Hydration and Recovery Nutrition Tips 

This class will explore the benefits of proper hydration and how to use recovery nutrition to increase longevity in your sport and life!  Lisa reviews signs of dehydration in sport as well as gives insight on how to improve GI function.  Using recipes and product samples, Lisa highlights the benefits of hydration to include regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and many others while also showing that timing and amount of food and liquids matter in the long run.

Your Coaches

Shannon Watson

Shannon Watson is a Registered Nurse with over 13 years of experience specializing in enhancing Human Performance through Stretch Therapy, Evidence Based Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness.


She has developed evidence-based programs for both private individuals and athletic teams which improve flexibility, mobility, and focused attention while reducing pain, and optimizing sleep quality.  

Shannon is currently working with Athletes in the NFL, NBA, LPGA, and The University of South Carolina Women's and Men's Basketball teams, Softball Team and Women's Tennis team along with many private clients and business executives. 


Coach Stephen Venugopal 


Currently, the Sports Performance manager of Prisma Apex coach Venugopal has over 15 years of experience and holds a masters degree in Physical Education from the University of South Carolina. He formerly served as Director of Strength and long term Athletic Development at Cardinal Newman High School and prior to that he served in similar roles at Richland Northeast and White Knoll High Schools. 

Heather Slife

Certified Peak Comprehensive Pilates Instructor 

Heather discovered Pilates in 2016 after suffering a broken ankle while running. She was quickly able to see the positive impact Pilates had on the mind, the body, and their connection. Pilates improves posture, coordination, balance, lung capacity, concentration, focus, body awareness, stress management, and injury prevention. Pilates scales with the client meaning it is for both novices and professional athletes. Heather completed her Peak Comprehensive Pilates training for Mat and Reformer in 2019. She has completed continuing education courses focusing specifically on working with pregnant and postpartum clients.

Lisa Money, RDN, CSSD, LD

Board-certified in Sports Dietetics



A graduate of the Army Dietetic Internship and a 12-year Army Veteran, Lisa Money has helped fuel soldiers, cadets, and tactical units using performance nutrition strategies that are simple and sustainable. Her wide range of experience includes work with WIC Overseas, Veterans Clinics, ROTC units, Campus Wellness, Eating Disorder Treatment Teams, and currently at Prisma Orthopedics and private practice serving the nutrition needs of injured athletes and post-surgical clients. Lisa knows what it’s like to compete at the highest level including international and Olympic Trials competition and eagerly motivates her clients to reach their goals. 


Specialties: Sports Nutrition, Eating Disorders, IBS and Food Allergies, Nutrition in Pregnancy & Child Nutrition, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Wellness