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Stretch Therapy Columbia SC


Transform the way you move and feel through the science of restorative stretch movement and calming breathwork.



This program is based on science and offers Restorative Style group classes that combine deep stretch flows, mobility exercises, breathwork, and mindfulness-based relaxation techniques to align and recover both the body and mind.


Every week, the classes aim to build on the previous week's foundational deep hip, back, and shoulder-focused attention, while also adding new areas of focus to provide comprehensive care for the entire body.


Our classes are conducted entirely through our online program. Upon registration, you will be granted access to the program, which can be accessed from anywhere through your mobile device, the app, iPad, PC, or Televison.


  • You want to enhanced your mobility and flexibility 

  • You are looking to decrease joint pain and muscle soreness 

  • you need to decrease stress and/or improve your sleep quality

  • You are an athlete looking for injury prevention and accelerated recovery

  • You are a coach looking to improve your teams performance

  • You are looking for a fitness program that prioritizes mindfulness and complete well-being from the inside out 

  • You are curious to see how this evidence-backed method will change your life and health.

The Total Body Reset Program

Find one that works for you

  • Total Body Reset

    8 Week Total Body Reset Program
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • 8 week Total Body Reset Program
    • Blending Restorative Yoga, Mobility, and Mindfulness.
  • Annual Access

    Every year
    Unlimited On-Demand Classes, Program Guides, Guided Audio, and More.
    • Unlimited access to the Total Body Reset Program
    • 8 Upper Body & 8 Lower Body Focused Classes + PDF Guides
    • The all new Transform Series of Classes
    • Guided Audio Relaxation and Breathwork Included
    • Member Only PDF'S and a New Wellness Planner
    • A Member Only Blog with exclusive expert content!
  • Monthly Access

    Every month
    Unlimited On-Demand Access, Member-Only events, and More
     7 day free trial
    • All Annual Member Benefits Included
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This Program Explores. . .
Stretch Therapy Exercises Columbia SC
Athletic Recovery

This program places an intense focus on stretch and athletic recovery. The tenets of this system include slow stretch exercises done alongside breathwork to help restore the body’s neuromuscular functions and cognitive optimization, allowing the body’s muscles and nerves work as effectively as possible.

Stretch Therapist Columbia SC
Mobility Training 

Placing a focus on stretch therapy and the restoration of the myofascial system, this program improves mobility, reduces soreness and optimizes movement patterns. Mobility is a necessary trait for improving the way that we move, whether in athletic performance or day to day activity. 

Restorative Yoga Columbia SC

The evidence-based Mindfulness and Breathwork built into this program are proven to reduce stress, improve focused attention, increase positive feelings and improve sleep.  As much as having a healthy physical body is important for living an active life, you cannot overlook the value of your mental health. Stress, anxiety, and any other mental obstacles can severely disrupt your willingness to complete your responsibilities and find happiness in your life. This is why Watson places so much focus into not only physical recovery and wellbeing, but mindfulness as well.

Athletic Teams
Yoga For Athletes Columbia SC


Unlimited Team Access

for as low as $149 per year! 

Shannon Watson is currently working with professional and Division 1 athletes and teams across the US and internationally. Now, your team can have access to her method, too. 

This virtual on-demand program puts resources directly into the hands of those who need them most. Having access on demand makes all the difference with grueling schedules and travel, saving your team both time and money.

The Total Body Reset Program sign-ups work for individual access only, but annual access with discounts for workplace wellness, athletic teams, and groups of all kinds are also available on our Teams page.

Private Yoga Class Columbia SC
Personal Yoga Trainer Columbia SC

About Shannon Watson, RN

Shannon Watson is a Registered Nurse with over 14 years of experience specializing in enhancing Human Performance through Stretch Therapy,  Restorative Yoga, and Mindfulness.


She has developed evidence-based programs for both private individuals and athletic teams that improve flexibility, mobility, and focused attention while reducing pain and optimizing sleep quality.


Shannon is currently working with Athletes in the NFL, NBA, LPGA, MLS, and The University of South Carolina Women's and Men's Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and Women's Tennis teams along with many private clients and business executives. 

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About Shannon
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