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Total Body Reset Unlimited Access


This evidence-based program has been developed from the principals surrounding athletic recovery and the practice of mindfulness-based stress reduction to achieve optimal levels of neuromuscular and cognitive health at all levels and across the lifespan. Neuromuscular refers to anything related to the muscles and nerves in the body and cognitive relating to brain health and the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement, reasoning and thinking. By optimizing the performance of these systems through effective stretch training, breathwork, muscular releases, and mobility clients reach increased levels of well-being, reduced pain and injury and enhanced levels of mood and sleep which were previously unavailable. By joining this program, you can expect to learn: - Dynamic Stretches used for warming up and cooling down the body before and after activity. -How to stretch the entire body in a systematic way improving flexibility and range of motion. -Targeted stretches and muscular releases for specific problematic areas. -Improve heart health by decreasing blood pressure & improving lung function -Reduce soreness and improve chronic pain associated with tight and sore muscles. - Multiple highly effective breathwork techniques. -Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques which are proven to decrease stress, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, calm the nervous system, enhance learning and focused attention, and increase peace. -Deep Relaxation

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4 Plans Available, From $29.00/month


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