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Total Body Transform Series


This series consists of 6 short classes that build on the foundational Total Body Reset Program and take your movement and recovery to a new level of transformation. The series combines dynamic and static deep stretch flows, mobility exercises, foam rolling, muscle releases, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation with the latest evidence-based down-regulating breathwork and mindfulness techniques. This series was designed to be versatile, with 2 classes for the upper body, 2 for the lower body, and 2 for the whole body. You can use them every day as part of a weekly routine, insert them after a workout or athletic practice, pre-game/post-game, or as needed for a more targeted body approach. The short breathwork practices are available in audio format & linked to each class so you can practice them as standalone audio from anywhere. The way to get the most out of this program is to complete one Total Body Reset class per week as an active recovery day and build this Transform Series around the rest of your weekly movement in a custom way. Listen to guided audio daily. If you learn the program and practice with intention, over time, you will see results. Remember to make this resource work for you and. . .Don’t give up!

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2 Plans Available, From $29.00/month


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