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Intuitive Eating (IE) during the holidays, Sports Weekends, and all the other high celebrations.

If you are like most, Fall feels like you're racing down the street-field-court-or track with legs flailing and arms all akimbo towards holidays filled with delicious snacks, meals, and desserts. You're either busy snacking while preparing once-a-year delectable delights for others or you're an honored guest at someone's house or tailgate, where you feel obliged to eat everything offered. Scenarios like these can lead us to feel like being healthy is too heavy a burden to carry this season so instead, we eat everything set in front of us NOW while planning a reset LATER. Don't worry...we've got your back!

With these key concepts of IE you'll start to think intuitively, and you will be able to eat intuitively before, during, and after the holidays this year:

1. Reframe your thoughts about carbohydrate foods always being bad and instead start to notice that when you don't eat any carbohydrate foods (grains, fruits, and Dairy) during the day, you wind up having little energy and often binge on carbs at night. Try having some fruits and Dairy before noon and include whole grains after that to see if you have more control over meals later in the day. An example of a day's schedule would be breakfast by 8 AM, Lunch by 12, Snack at 3:30, and Dinner at 7.

2. Identify Emotional triggers that have caused you to respond with eating in the past when in fact, you might not have been hungry. Examples include using food to calm anxiety; eating as something to do on a rainy day; eating to fill a spiritual void; eating as a way to procrastinate for a test or task; or eating carbohydrates specifically when you're down as a way to release serotonin. Instead, plan how you would like to enjoy your meals and snacks in a way that includes self-care.

Ask yourself, What do I want; What do I need? Below are examples of how food and self-care can work together during the holidays:

enough sleep or rest Limit caffeine to under 350 mg per day

boredom Have a cup of tea with a friend or family member

intellectual stimulation Bake and decorate cookies to give as party favors

needing to be heard or understood Choose foods you want, not just healthy foods

3. Check in with your hunger, and make food choices based on physical sensations, not intellectual ones.

Many people will eat food is would be rude to refuse...because you paid for it.

This season, honor YOUR physical feelings of hunger and fullness, instead of outside thoughts, and learn to say:

I know it's free, but I ate before I came here, and am too full right now

I appreciate all your hard work in making this meal, I am too full to have second helpings.

This meal was very expensive, and the quality (not quantity) was worth it!

Thoughts are followed by actions, so learn to think intuitively this season, and you will soon be gracious to yourself around the holidays, and eat intuitively by allowing all foods into your diet, dealing with strong emotions, and checking in with hunger and fullness.

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