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by Shannon Watson, RN

A holistic approach to mental and physical health grounded in scientific data and a healthcare perspective. Believing in the importance of self-care, Mindfulness, Restorative Yoga, Stretch, Mobility, and Breathwork for Health and Wellness along with nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle that is based on self-acceptance, continual growth, authenticity, and empowerment.


Meet Shannon Watson, RN

Nursing, health care and science-based approach

Shannon Watson is a Registered Nurse with over 13 years of experience specializing in enhancing Human Performance through Stretch Therapy, Evidence Based Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness.


She has developed evidence-based programs for both private individuals and athletic teams which improve flexibility, mobility, and focused attention while reducing pain, and optimizing sleep quality.  


Shannon is currently working with professional athletes, university teams, businesses, executives, and private clients virtually and in person. Studio locations are within 5 minutes of downtown Columbia, SC. Limited Travel and Consultation appointments are available.